Our Team

Collectively, the Event Planning DC team brings expertise in marketing, public relations, commercial real estate, corporate planning and project management to our event planning, design and management services. We know how to navigate the delicate path of honoring a client’s goals, objectives and vision while using our logistics and attention to details expertise to lead the process to achieve an event that exceeds expectations.

We are committed to creating events that become elevated experiences and are happy to do what we do best, so that clients can focus on their busy lives, work, family and enjoying the event experience.

We love the challenge of planning an inaugural event because we are capable of turning things around very quickly – we are the calm force that’s needed when unforeseen things happen…and they do!

Event Planning DC has been called on to “save the day” for many individuals and organizations that have reached out to us within a few months, weeks or even days before their event date, due to event planning issues that could have become a catastrophe.  You can always count on us to rise to the occasion.

Principal | Event Development and Creative Design

As founder, MICHELE PALMER makes it a point to be involved in every event developed, designed, planned, managed and executed by Event Planning DC. With more than 20 years of experience in working with clients who desire events that are modest and down-to-earth to those who want posh and over-the-top, she understands each client’s vision and will develop and produce a memorable, remarkable event experience that is mindful and in-line with a client’s budget. You may find her sitting in with the band showing off her drumming & percussion skills

MICHELE’S SUPER POWERS: detailed | creative | dreamer/doer | confident | risk-taker | spontaneous | design | colors | decor | spreadsheet queen | enthusiastic |optimistic

FUN FACTS:  music lover; sings all the time; knows song lyrics like crazy; played drums since she was 9; determined to play drums in a guy’s world at University of Maryland back in the day; will often sit in on drums with the band at events; plays piano by ear; golden retriever lover; dog whisperer; rarely in a bad mood; grew up in Montgomery County; graduated from the University of Maryland.

Director/Event Logistics

DEBBY GOLDBERG is all about details. logistics and coordinating. Her computer programming background is the reason she is extremely meticulous and scrutinizes every tiny detail and logistic necessary for a successful event. Her ability to consider the smallest of details and play out an entire event in her head and anticipate how something may result is sometimes uncanny.

DEBBY’S SUPER POWERS: gorgeous handwriting | calligraphy | driven | thorough | thinker | analyzer | meticulous | organizer | detailed | practical | punctual | patient | thoughtful | caring

FUN FACTS:  major foodie; takes “beautiful” notes; has two gorgeous cats; is the queen of parallel parking; loves to travel; enjoys reading and is in several book clubs; volunteers teaching English; became a Bat Mitzvah at 44; was born in the backseat of the car | grew up in Montgomery County; graduated from American University

Event Assistant

CARLYE HILLMAN joined our team almost 2 years ago when we fell in love with everything about her while she interned for us during the summer before her senior year of college. Her smile is contagious and her energy demonstrates her passion for the event planning industry. She is always concerned about developing a relationship with our clients so that she understands their likes and dislikes are so that their event reflects who they are.  Carlye enjoys coordinating event details and making sure everything is organized so that our clients’ events are flawless.