It never fails… After months and months of preparation and planning the perfect outdoor wedding at Harvest House at Lost Creek Winery – RAIN sneaks into the forecast!

Even with an 80% chance of rain for the entire day of the Leesburg, VA wedding, our bride was not conceding.  After some consideration and contemplating the options our beautiful bride and her wedding party decided to try a short ritual to keep the rain away. Armed with paring knives they sprang into action stabbing them into the ground.  Apparently, this old Mexican tradition is used to ward off the rain.  Now, I am not a very superstitious person (usually, it’s a bunch of bologna) but…nellaiseo

Lo and behold… IT WORKED!  The rain held off for the entire ceremony – only drizzling for a few minutes during the cocktail hour.  THAT WAS IT!  As you can see below from the radar, rain was everywhere around us in Leesburg, VA but our bride was able to stave off the rain for her perfect outdoor celebration!Nellai SEO

Has anyone heard of this and/or had success?  What superstitions do you believe in?