New holiday tradition – Virtually Celebrating with your extended family and friends.

The holidays are going to look a little different this year. With COVID-19 cases climbing and the CDC urging people not to travel for the holidays, this can put a damper on both holiday traditions as well as holiday expectations if you let it.

What we are experiencing won’t last forever, though. We will eventually get back to our normal holiday traditions, so why not use this as an opportunity to create some new holiday traditions?

We may not be able to get together in person with loved ones, but here are seven fun and engaging ways we can still stay connected this holiday season and to maybe create some new traditions…

Honor Your Normal Traditions Virtually

You don’t need to sacrifice your traditions just because of distance. Keeping traditions is important, especially during a time of uncertainty. Hop on a Zoom call with your family from all over the world, and keep those traditions going, whether it’s cooking and baking together, decorating cookies, decorating your house for the holidays, or watching the big game on TV. Enjoy dinner or dessert together virtually and invite those long-distance family members who live too far away.

Share Your “Good Thing & Bad Thing” During Video Calls

Rather than doing the typical “what are you thankful for” this Thanksgiving, try sharing one good thing and one bad thing that happened this year. It has been a difficult year for most people and it may be tough to feel thankful, so acknowledge the difficulties by providing a safe and guilt-free way to open up about something bad that has happened this year. Not everyone has to share a bad thing if they can’t think of one, but each person must always share at least one good thing. It could be as simple as getting more fresh air or starting a new TV show.

Doing this activity can help you break away from the surface-level conversations you may have and build a stronger connection with your loved ones.

Virtual Movie Night

Everyone loves a good movie night, so why does distance have to stop it from happening? If your family has a DisneyPlus subscription, you can utilize their new GroupWatch feature which allows you to invite people to watch a movie together. Zoom also allows you to share your screen with one another, so if you have other subscription services, you can easily log in and watch a movie together. Make it fun, too, with popcorn, holiday treats, and everyone dressed in their best holiday pajamas!

Virtual Game Night

There is a plethora of opportunities for virtual game nights, and here are a few ideas:

  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Themed Trivia
  • Holiday or Quarantine Bingo, making it personalized based off of your holiday traditions or things you might have done during quarantine.

Holiday Gift Boxes

Create a holiday gift box for family members and send them out ahead of time so you can enjoy them together over zoom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hot chocolate mix and matching mugs
  • A movie night kit with a new movie or your family’s favorite movie, popcorn, chocolates, and other treats
  • If you’re over 21, try a “Holiday Cocktail” box with recipes and ingredients to make new holiday drinks together
  • A craft box, such as coloring books, a painting kit, or supplies for decorating a Thanksgiving Turkey, or your own Christmas or holiday mug.

Themed Virtual Tastings

Pick a theme, get dressed up, and have a virtual tasting, whether it’s for wine, holiday teas, hot chocolate flavors, or holiday cocktails.

A Drive-By Party

If you need more in-person connection, this can be a safe option for you that limits the risk of exposure. Have some fun with it by decorating your cars and getting dressed up. You can make it even more fun by having a competition for the best-decorated car.

Virtually Hosted Holiday Party

Despite the restrictions, there are many opportunities to make this holiday season special. If some of these ideas sparked your interest but are too much for you to plan and execute, Event Planning DC would be happy to take the load off and host your virtual holiday party! We will take care of everything, from gift boxes, decorations, games and activities tailored for your family, custom zoom backgrounds and all the logistics. Since it’s virtual, it does not matter where you live.

We may miss out on spending the holidays in-person with our families this year, but we can still make it special by taking advantage of all the virtual opportunities. And if we do our part to reduce the spread, we will have many more holidays ahead to spend with them.

– Written by Madison Kirk for Event Planning DC